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Getting Started

  1. How do I apply for treatment at Billy T. Cattan Recovery Outreach?

    You must first be evaluated to determine whether you are eligible. To make an appointment or ask for information, call (361) 576-4673. Our offices are confidentially located at 802 E. Crestwood Drive, Victoria, Texas 77901. Business hours are 9:00 a.m.—6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

  2. What makes me eligible for treatment at BTCRO?

    We treat adult women and men (18 or older) with substance addiction problems. We work with those who are motivated and are willing to comply with treatment requirements. We have funding assistance available to those who are assessed as unable to pay.

  3. What do I need to bring to the interview?

    If you are unable to pay for your treatment and are interested in applying for funding, you need to bring the following:

    • Proof of Texas residency, such as a Texas driver's license or state ID; an official document mailed to you at a Texas address; a lease agreement to a Texas residence with your name as leaser.
    • Proof of current monthly income for you and your spouse, if applicable (most recent paycheck stub or letter from employer, proof of government support, child support, SSI, SSDI, or other).
    • Proof of insurance (Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans Benefits, or other private insurance).
  4. What if I am court-ordered into treatment by probation, parole, judge, or Child Protective Services?

    If probation or parole is referring you, we will need your parole officer, probation officer, court authority, or caseworker to provide us with some specific paperwork and to schedule your screening.

  5. What happens after the assessment?

    Generally, admission to the Outpatient Program is immediate or within a week.